The Lung Bioengineering and Regeneration (LBR) Lab at Lund University focuses on growing new lung tissue in the lab for transplantation or to use this bioengineered tissue to study how the extracellular environment directs stem cell behavior. We use a multidisciplinary approach using advances in materials science (polymer design and synthesis), manufacturing (e.g. 3D bioprinting), and endogenous lung stem cells to construct this bioengineered tissue and these new models.

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LBR members

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Darcy Wagner

Associate Professor, Wallenberg Molecular Medicine Fellow

Hani N. Alsafadi


Iran Augusto Neves da Silva

PhD Student

Ingela Byström

Research Administrator

Jiao Dong

PhD student

Linda Eliasson

Scientific Coordinator

Nika Gvazava

Research Engineer

Kristina Rydell-Törmänen

Associate Researcher (MD, PhD, Docent)

John Stegmayr

Associate Researcher

Indra Putra Wendi

MSc Student

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